New favourite in rotation, Pen of the Day #17

My current favourite pen to use, that I’ve been picking up for most things is my recently acquired Kaweco Pink Ice Sport with medium nib. I was waiting to get one because I wanted to get a pink version of the whole line (I’ll probably post on it, but it includes a clutch pencil, rollerballs, ballpoints, mechanical pencils, etc.) and was hoping to buy them all from one supplier so I would be less likely to get vastly different shades of pink for each item.

However, I got really impatient and finally caved on the fountain pen. I got it at Goulet Pens (they of the evil awesomeness that is hundreds of available ink samples and stunningly excellent and personal customer service – no I don’t work there or get stuff from them, they are just people who love pens and ink and love sharing those loves and do so at a good price). I think it might have been on sale which is why I finally pulled the trigger on the purchase. 🙂

In the same order I also got three spring/seasonal ink samples from Pilot Iroshizuku. I really adore their bottles, the beauty of the colours, the modern vibrancy yet still with a sense of history and nature. Plus I’ve never heard a bad review other than some with slower dry times which doesn’t impact my ink decisions. I go by colour primarily.

I wanted samples for spring that would coincide with when I’d be using them. I must admit that the idea of using different specific inks seasonally really appeals to me. Only the most “me” colours in their line are all fall and winter ones (not normally a YAY SPRING kind of person) so I only got three samples to try that were if not “spring”, then non-specific (unsure about glory vine’s seasonality)
Tsuki-yo (Moonlight)
yama-budo (crimson glory vine)
Tsutsuji (Azalea)

So when I got my Ice Sport, I decided to ink it up with the colour I’d not pick first, the blue, Tsuki-yo. I must say it is *stunning*. I’ll do a proper review of it before I run out, but it’s a smoky teal blue with so much depth and character. It made me like blue ink. 🙂

Here’s a quick pic of the (Medium nib) Kaweco Pink Ice Sport with Tsuki-yo ink in the cartridge. It wasn’t done for the blog, but to show someone the grip section, but it’s all I’ve got at 12:30am. 🙂 I’ll update with more shots of the pen and nib.

Thanks for looking! Happy creating!


Pen a Day 009

Just pix, too sick sleepy. Pilot Frixion .3mm needle point in Cherry Blossom pink. received ages ago for winning a twitter contest/giveaway. There’s a story behind it but It’ll have to wait. I’ll update with it tomorrow.

I use it in my super-mini pink Moleskine weekly datebook since it’s erasable and appointments tend to change. I bought it myself (and was ripped off, the quality control and overall quality is horrid.)






Pen a Day 001

Well I’m starting late today but the idea just came to me. I’m sure I have 365 pens and/or use one every day. Why not snap a pic and maybe say something about it? I doubt this will last but it’ll be interesting to see what I can do. I may do things other than pens, like pencils and art or office supplies, but I’m starting simply with a pen.

Pen.001 for 1 Jan 2012
Just one of a handful in my purse that I grabbed this morning when journalling at brunch.

Pilot G-Tec-C4, black ink. Purchased for me by my enabler partner in Paris. Probably at Gibert Jeune as that’s where I sent him for stacks and stacks of french-ruled Clairfontaine paper and “proper” chemises (folders). 🙂