update and a neat product

Dang. I just lost my first draft of this.

I’m too tired to rehash it word for word, but what I had been experiencing as bronchitis and strep throat actually are most likely mono (mononucleosis ). I’ll know for sure on Tuesday when I get my labs back.

I had a lucky (ish) very bad allergic reaction to the new antibiotics they gave me for strep otherwise I wouldn’t have gone in and that’s how they figured it out. I had it once before in 8th grade, but I was a kid and sick a lot (though never before this sick) so I don’t really remember how long the sore throat lasted. Once I’m past that and just in the sleep-all-day bit, I’ll be back to the blog!

I have been getting pictures of things and I have a few I’m working on colour correcting and tweaking a bit, and I’m trying to get more done when I’m having a few good minutes. I’ve also got the actual site design sketched out and will be finalising it in the computer once I can sit at it for awhile. These are definitely things I’ll be doing as soon as this throat settles down.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me through this health roller coaster ride and I can’t wait to start promoting once I get things finally designed. (What are your thoughts on Inky, the geek squid up top? She was supposed to have cat-eye glasses but I’m having difficulty with getting the *right* shape for her. 🙂 Squid don’t have noses!)

Now here’s something to help hold you over until I am feeling a bit better. These are pics I took of the incredibly awesome Noodler’s Blue Ghost in action last year after I got my ink drop with it (August 2011, Flashlight Tag) from Goulet Pens.

Before, an ivory-papered sketchbook paper

After: with the lights out and the UV led shining on the exact same page!! How stinking awesome is that?! SO cool!

Sketchbook: red hardcover cloth bound square hand•book, purchased at Artist & Craftsman Supply in Berkeley with my own money.
Pen: Preppy Platinum (pink) highlighter marker / chisel fibre-nib already converted by the lovely folks at Goulet Pens to an eye dropper fill (pen, necessary supplies and instructions to convert your own can be found on their website). Pen and mini UV LED were part of a purchased ink delivery subscription (Ink Drop) from aforementioned Goulet Pens. I paid for the subscription myself.
Images just filtered through instagram for fun. Colour is representative.

Not Dead

Still no pens for a few. I’ll restart 1 Feb. Finally getting over the bronchitis. I soooo can’t wait to get back to the blog and share more pens with you!

No pens for a few

just an FYI to my, uh, reader. I’ll be taking a break for a few days to get better so I can make posts that are more about pens and less about sick.

Also, SOPA is bad. Very bad. Do not want.

Pen a Day 009

Just pix, too sick sleepy. Pilot Frixion .3mm needle point in Cherry Blossom pink. received ages ago for winning a twitter contest/giveaway. There’s a story behind it but It’ll have to wait. I’ll update with it tomorrow.

I use it in my super-mini pink Moleskine weekly datebook since it’s erasable and appointments tend to change. I bought it myself (and was ripped off, the quality control and overall quality is horrid.)