you know you’re a pen addict when…

you use a flex pen with a shading ink to write out your med schedule when too sick to think … and add swirls and flourishes.

Plus some glittery markers too.

On Clairefontaine paper.

Yep. It’s official.

(no pic for this, just a random thought.)

2 thoughts on “you know you’re a pen addict when…

    • Heeee I actually carry a couple spares, one for potentially trading (a nicer quality office supply pen. I collect drug rep pens that are of the meds I’ve taken or are particularly cool, but I always ask first and leave one in it’s place. People who work in offices or as waiters hate losing pens, but usually don’t mind trading you one for theirs.) and one for loaning.

      I’ve also started to carry Goulet Pens cards/bookmarks & need to get some from JetPens for the inevitable “WHERE do you GET those??!!”

      I use a fine point frixion from JetPens in my appointment diary and most always have a discussion with whomever I’m making the appointment with about it and where I got it.

      I also get a lot of compliments and interest in anything I wear from Sick on Sin ( and carry their cards too. 🙂 I actually have more vendor cards than my own business cards (which is none, actually.)

      Easier than trying to fumble for a piece of paper out of a notebook.

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