First Post, mobile version

Well. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to touch this. Big bummer. I have so many awesome new pens and ink samples to show you it’s not even funny! I’ve got a Panther (pink) Noodler’s Flex Pen (the original, the Ahab hasn’t come out in pink yet, though I’m *terribly* tempted by the purple or red demonstrators, I’ll be in Oklahoma when it gets delivered if I managed to order from Goulet Pens from their small release today.) I did get an email newsletter from Noodler’s announcing two pink swirl Ahabs, so I will probably just wait for Goulet to get those and pull the trigger on those.

Hrm. Finished my xmas/holiday cards yesterday. I used my favourite Edward Gorey cards (Paper Source had a special – buy four boxes, one is free) made up some matching Avery clear return address labels with a bit from the card on and some typesetting.

I addressed most of the cards with a combo of a Pigma 2 (wide, flat nib, like a calligraphy marker) for the names, a Pigma Design 1 (a bullet shaped tip like a regular poster marker), in black, and accents of red with a red Pigma Design 1. I really like the design Pigmas. They don’t have the hard needle tip of the Microns that tends to indent the paper, but they aren’t as squishy a felt nib as the brush markers. Only problem is they’re *impossible* to find and only come in three (I think – black, blue, red) colours.

The interior messages I wrote with a fun glitter pink plastic Jolly brand med point steel nib fountain pen I got on a trip to Vienna (really great and juicy, I’m learning I’m not a fine point FP kinda gal) filled with Diamine Sherwood Green from an Ink Drop sample from Goulet Pens. It was the perfect colour for these cards! So loving it!

I’m mobile posting here, so I’ll try and get some pics and better links in this after the fact. Just wanted to write a lil something and say Happy Holidays from your resident Inky Geek!