Not dead! ^__^

Just wanted to say hello again, and that, despite a long hiatus, this blog will be getting some much needed attention in the coming year.

I clearly can’t make too many specific promises (my health being total crap and taking over my life at times), but I miss having my own space to go on and on about my obsession. I have met some lovely new pen friends, made a LOT of new pen purchases, and even attended a mail art expo (Ex Postal Facto in SF earlier in Feb. 2014).

I have so much to talk about, I really should stop trying to do it in other people’s comment spaces. ^__^

I’ll leave you with an Instagram pic of some things I’ve gotten this year that I’d love to share.

Instagram pic of journals for 2014My 2012-2013 Leuchtterm journal above, my almost matching PaperBlanks 2014 planner, left, & journal, right.

(I’ve tried adding a couple more but it’s a bit wonky trying to post from my phone, so this will have to do for today.)


Happy Inking! *Have you written a letter today? Or even a postcard? I betcha someone you know would love to get even a one liner from you in their mailbox! Who knows, you might even get one back!*

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Muji goodies overview

Here’s another “teaser” post of the goodies qDot brought me back from his most recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I got a couple new pairs of silly socks and lots of goodies from Muji. I am apparently never allowed in one. 🙂 I pretty much sent him the entire website and said “get this”.

A list of the (relevant) items he got me are a pencil case, three hex pens, two gel pens, a fine point grip ballpoint pen, a clear pen body with an ingeniously packaged (pink) refill, a little sketchbook with a tie closure, a roll of clear cello tape, a tape dispenser, a set of three (tan, maroon, grey – Muji’s colours) washi tape rolls, a set of kitty notes, and for himself a little plastic case of figured paper clips (of houses, piggies and foxes). Oh, and I cannot forget what I’m super excited about, the Lego/Muji paper play set and hole punch. He got me the Basic set to start. I cannot wait to start playing with it, but I don’t want to use the actual paper, but scan it in and print a copy so I can use that and keep the original pristine. Neurotic, I know. 🙂

Here are some more (phone) overview pics. I’ll focus on individual items in their own posts.