pencil sharpener, electric

Here are a few pics of my electric (3-prong US outlet) electric pencil sharpener. It has a metal case so it’s a prime spot for random magnets. I got this from my father. He came home one day when I was a young teen with it and an equally heavy duty metal-housed wall-plugged electric eraser (yes, awesome, to be featured at another time). A friend tweeted about her father bringing one home that ate pencils and so coloured her view of them since. It probably had no “auto-stop” as this one claims to have. It doesn’t exactly “stop” it just makes a different whirring noise and no longer “eats” the pencil.

I have no idea how old this is (at least 20 years, quite a few more judging from the seventies faux bois case) or if it’s still being made. All I know is it’s brilliant, and the only thing that won’t murder Prismacolor pencils. I should probably look up more info on it. I’ll add more when I find it. (I’m finally on to the sleep-all-the-hours point in my case of mono. I just happened to be awake and the tweet inspired me and my new twitter client wouldn’t post the pics to a service, so I figured I’d just put them here.)





Pen a Day 008

Still sick (UGH chest cold of DOOM) so back to phone pics, unfortunately. However I’ve tried with all my fancy equipment to capture this pencil and it just won’t happen regardless, so we’ll go with what we have.

This one is quite nostalgic. It’s one of the oldest pencils in my current possession (I have LOTS more at my parent’s house back in Oklahoma, this is just one of the few oldies that made it to California with me.) that I purchased myself. It’s a Pentel Quicker Clicker in 0.5mm lead size, translucent green plastic body. I purchased this in fourth grade with my own money at a place called Burkhart’s Office Supply (though I vaguely remember it being called something else for a time, also starting with “B”) in Tulsa, OK. It was fairly expensive for a kiddo but definitely under $10. I don’t remember exactly how much, but new ones go for between $2 and $6 online. I had a couple of these at times, but this is the one that made it the *cough* twenty-plus years to today. Still works great, though the metal lead sheath at the point is smooshed in a bit, no biggie, doesn’t affect performance at all. The bug deal with these is the side-lead advance button. It’s supposed to be more efficient or something, which it may be, but it was just cool and novel to the young pencil-obsessed kid I was. Ok, enough memory-lane and details, onto the pics. (btw there will be more of this guy, I’m always on the quest to capture the engraved “0.5 Pentel JAPAN” on the chrome clip.)




Pen a Day 003

Today’s pen of the day isn’t a pen, or exactly a pencil either, actually. It’s a black plastic Cretacolor 5.6mm lead holder. Got this one at my favourite local(ish) art shop Artist & Craftsman Supply. I had the hankering to sketch today and this is what I grabbed. The leads I use are 2b, 4b & 6b. I like softer darker leads for sketching.