Muji goodies overview

Here’s another “teaser” post of the goodies qDot brought me back from his most recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I got a couple new pairs of silly socks and lots of goodies from Muji. I am apparently never allowed in one. 🙂 I pretty much sent him the entire website and said “get this”.

A list of the (relevant) items he got me are a pencil case, three hex pens, two gel pens, a fine point grip ballpoint pen, a clear pen body with an ingeniously packaged (pink) refill, a little sketchbook with a tie closure, a roll of clear cello tape, a tape dispenser, a set of three (tan, maroon, grey – Muji’s colours) washi tape rolls, a set of kitty notes, and for himself a little plastic case of figured paper clips (of houses, piggies and foxes). Oh, and I cannot forget what I’m super excited about, the Lego/Muji paper play set and hole punch. He got me the Basic set to start. I cannot wait to start playing with it, but I don’t want to use the actual paper, but scan it in and print a copy so I can use that and keep the original pristine. Neurotic, I know. 🙂

Here are some more (phone) overview pics. I’ll focus on individual items in their own posts.




New iPhone, better phone pix

Just got a new iPhone 4S so mobile posting will now have better pics (less grain!) can’t promise I’ll be posting more but it’ll help! Oh, the joy of remembering *every* password you’ve ever used to sign into everything all over again! 🙂

Here’s a test of (one of) my bedside pen cups.


These are some cute figural page flags the SO got me in Taiwan. This is using the flash (LOVE!)


Both these were taken from within the WP mobile app. Not bad! Not DSLR quality, but definitely better than the 3GS I was using.

Ok. Back to regularly scheduled… chaos. 🙂

BTW if you got here from my comment on the JetPens FB page, welcome! just wanna say this is still a massive work in progress. Comment and say hi!

protracted tease

clearly i haven’t gotten to the tease I mentioned last post. The mono sleepiness and exhaustion has hit me hard and I’m still trying to find my limitations and abilities. I have been working on some other stuff and made a couple other interesting finds, so there’s lots in the pipeline, just nothing getting posted because of my limited awake AND functional time. I’m trying to take care of myself and work on the apartment a bit (we’re wanting to move, badly) and that takes pretty much 100% of my useful awake time. I spend most of the other time writing posts in my head, but that doesn’t get them posted. :/

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten, just been having to prioritise so I won’t have this sick happen again!

Thanks for your patience,

A sketch of a little penguin I did for a friend in the meantime:



A full post tomorrow, but I’m *crosses fingers* starting to feel a bit better. I stopped in at my favourite specialty stationery boutique/letterpress shop after a doctor’s appointment and was super excited to see they have Traveler’s notebooks!! I picked up a passport size perf-ed one and two other goodies. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow (sometime soon!)! 😀

Not Dead

Still no pens for a few. I’ll restart 1 Feb. Finally getting over the bronchitis. I soooo can’t wait to get back to the blog and share more pens with you!

No pens for a few

just an FYI to my, uh, reader. I’ll be taking a break for a few days to get better so I can make posts that are more about pens and less about sick.

Also, SOPA is bad. Very bad. Do not want.

First Post, mobile version

Well. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to touch this. Big bummer. I have so many awesome new pens and ink samples to show you it’s not even funny! I’ve got a Panther (pink) Noodler’s Flex Pen (the original, the Ahab hasn’t come out in pink yet, though I’m *terribly* tempted by the purple or red demonstrators, I’ll be in Oklahoma when it gets delivered if I managed to order from Goulet Pens from their small release today.) I did get an email newsletter from Noodler’s announcing two pink swirl Ahabs, so I will probably just wait for Goulet to get those and pull the trigger on those.

Hrm. Finished my xmas/holiday cards yesterday. I used my favourite Edward Gorey cards (Paper Source had a special – buy four boxes, one is free) made up some matching Avery clear return address labels with a bit from the card on and some typesetting.

I addressed most of the cards with a combo of a Pigma 2 (wide, flat nib, like a calligraphy marker) for the names, a Pigma Design 1 (a bullet shaped tip like a regular poster marker), in black, and accents of red with a red Pigma Design 1. I really like the design Pigmas. They don’t have the hard needle tip of the Microns that tends to indent the paper, but they aren’t as squishy a felt nib as the brush markers. Only problem is they’re *impossible* to find and only come in three (I think – black, blue, red) colours.

The interior messages I wrote with a fun glitter pink plastic Jolly brand med point steel nib fountain pen I got on a trip to Vienna (really great and juicy, I’m learning I’m not a fine point FP kinda gal) filled with Diamine Sherwood Green from an Ink Drop sample from Goulet Pens. It was the perfect colour for these cards! So loving it!

I’m mobile posting here, so I’ll try and get some pics and better links in this after the fact. Just wanted to write a lil something and say Happy Holidays from your resident Inky Geek!