Not dead! ^__^

Just wanted to say hello again, and that, despite a long hiatus, this blog will be getting some much needed attention in the coming year.

I clearly can’t make too many specific promises (my health being total crap and taking over my life at times), but I miss having my own space to go on and on about my obsession. I have met some lovely new pen friends, made a LOT of new pen purchases, and even attended a mail art expo (Ex Postal Facto in SF earlier in Feb. 2014).

I have so much to talk about, I really should stop trying to do it in other people’s comment spaces. ^__^

I’ll leave you with an Instagram pic of some things I’ve gotten this year that I’d love to share.

Instagram pic of journals for 2014My 2012-2013 Leuchtterm journal above, my almost matching PaperBlanks 2014 planner, left, & journal, right.

(I’ve tried adding a couple more but it’s a bit wonky trying to post from my phone, so this will have to do for today.)


Happy Inking! *Have you written a letter today? Or even a postcard? I betcha someone you know would love to get even a one liner from you in their mailbox! Who knows, you might even get one back!*

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Ink Sample Labelling pt. 1

So one of my favourite dealers (I don’t have a problem!) I mean pen shops is Goulet Pens. This video/blog post they made on ink samples and organising them prompted this post.

So, Goulet Pens has this awesome program called Ink Drop that is like a cheese-of-the-month club but for inks. You sign up for a subscription (go there for the full details) and get a monthly package of several vials of ink samples, usually seasonally or topically themed, they are always awesome.

I started my subscription immediately after seeing the video reveal for July 2011’s Ink Drop, themed Flashlight Tag. I have not been disappointed and it’s well worth the money to me as I’d rather have a large variety of samples than only one or two bottles of ink. I have ADHD and this is perfect for me. No excruciating decisions, just awesome samples, every month! Sorry if I sound like an advertisement, I’m not getting paid for this, I just LOVE the service.

Anyway, the one problem with the subscription, and always adding a few samples to every order I make (they have HUNDREDS of inks, so there is always something new to try) is the samples pile up FAST. So what to do with them? I’m still working on this (why this post is part 1) but the one thing I do right now, which is different from what I’ve seen others do, is label the tops with a label maker. Here I’ve posted the end result of labelling some of my inks and the label maker I use. I will put the detailed process with lots more pics in another post.

Ink samples in a tub, rack and label maker.

As you can see when they’re in a tub or the rack the Goulets sell, you can’t see the nice labels they put on the sides of the vials. So after several different tries of different products and processes, I settled on the label maker. I tried laser address labels punched out with a 1/2″ round punch, but the toner rubbed off, so I tried “laminating” those punched labels with clear cellophane tape, but then they curled and wouldn’t stay stuck to the lids. I tried a couple other things, but so far the label maker labels stick and last the best. It’s been about 4 months and I haven’t seen any come off yet.
Here’s a close up of the lids in the IKEA tub. You don’t have to dump them out and sift through them like this.


I will post the process with more in depth and detailed photos soon. All my pens, samples and everything are all still packed from when I moved house a while ago, so it may be a bit. I wanted to at least get these phone pics from before the move up to show the concept. Once I find the box they’re packed in, I’ll post part 2. Until then, thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

Muji goodies overview

Here’s another “teaser” post of the goodies qDot brought me back from his most recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I got a couple new pairs of silly socks and lots of goodies from Muji. I am apparently never allowed in one. 🙂 I pretty much sent him the entire website and said “get this”.

A list of the (relevant) items he got me are a pencil case, three hex pens, two gel pens, a fine point grip ballpoint pen, a clear pen body with an ingeniously packaged (pink) refill, a little sketchbook with a tie closure, a roll of clear cello tape, a tape dispenser, a set of three (tan, maroon, grey – Muji’s colours) washi tape rolls, a set of kitty notes, and for himself a little plastic case of figured paper clips (of houses, piggies and foxes). Oh, and I cannot forget what I’m super excited about, the Lego/Muji paper play set and hole punch. He got me the Basic set to start. I cannot wait to start playing with it, but I don’t want to use the actual paper, but scan it in and print a copy so I can use that and keep the original pristine. Neurotic, I know. 🙂

Here are some more (phone) overview pics. I’ll focus on individual items in their own posts.




New iPhone, better phone pix

Just got a new iPhone 4S so mobile posting will now have better pics (less grain!) can’t promise I’ll be posting more but it’ll help! Oh, the joy of remembering *every* password you’ve ever used to sign into everything all over again! 🙂

Here’s a test of (one of) my bedside pen cups.


These are some cute figural page flags the SO got me in Taiwan. This is using the flash (LOVE!)


Both these were taken from within the WP mobile app. Not bad! Not DSLR quality, but definitely better than the 3GS I was using.

Ok. Back to regularly scheduled… chaos. 🙂

BTW if you got here from my comment on the JetPens FB page, welcome! just wanna say this is still a massive work in progress. Comment and say hi!

New favourite in rotation, Pen of the Day #17

My current favourite pen to use, that I’ve been picking up for most things is my recently acquired Kaweco Pink Ice Sport with medium nib. I was waiting to get one because I wanted to get a pink version of the whole line (I’ll probably post on it, but it includes a clutch pencil, rollerballs, ballpoints, mechanical pencils, etc.) and was hoping to buy them all from one supplier so I would be less likely to get vastly different shades of pink for each item.

However, I got really impatient and finally caved on the fountain pen. I got it at Goulet Pens (they of the evil awesomeness that is hundreds of available ink samples and stunningly excellent and personal customer service – no I don’t work there or get stuff from them, they are just people who love pens and ink and love sharing those loves and do so at a good price). I think it might have been on sale which is why I finally pulled the trigger on the purchase. 🙂

In the same order I also got three spring/seasonal ink samples from Pilot Iroshizuku. I really adore their bottles, the beauty of the colours, the modern vibrancy yet still with a sense of history and nature. Plus I’ve never heard a bad review other than some with slower dry times which doesn’t impact my ink decisions. I go by colour primarily.

I wanted samples for spring that would coincide with when I’d be using them. I must admit that the idea of using different specific inks seasonally really appeals to me. Only the most “me” colours in their line are all fall and winter ones (not normally a YAY SPRING kind of person) so I only got three samples to try that were if not “spring”, then non-specific (unsure about glory vine’s seasonality)
Tsuki-yo (Moonlight)
yama-budo (crimson glory vine)
Tsutsuji (Azalea)

So when I got my Ice Sport, I decided to ink it up with the colour I’d not pick first, the blue, Tsuki-yo. I must say it is *stunning*. I’ll do a proper review of it before I run out, but it’s a smoky teal blue with so much depth and character. It made me like blue ink. 🙂

Here’s a quick pic of the (Medium nib) Kaweco Pink Ice Sport with Tsuki-yo ink in the cartridge. It wasn’t done for the blog, but to show someone the grip section, but it’s all I’ve got at 12:30am. 🙂 I’ll update with more shots of the pen and nib.

Thanks for looking! Happy creating!


protracted tease

clearly i haven’t gotten to the tease I mentioned last post. The mono sleepiness and exhaustion has hit me hard and I’m still trying to find my limitations and abilities. I have been working on some other stuff and made a couple other interesting finds, so there’s lots in the pipeline, just nothing getting posted because of my limited awake AND functional time. I’m trying to take care of myself and work on the apartment a bit (we’re wanting to move, badly) and that takes pretty much 100% of my useful awake time. I spend most of the other time writing posts in my head, but that doesn’t get them posted. :/

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten, just been having to prioritise so I won’t have this sick happen again!

Thanks for your patience,

A sketch of a little penguin I did for a friend in the meantime:



A full post tomorrow, but I’m *crosses fingers* starting to feel a bit better. I stopped in at my favourite specialty stationery boutique/letterpress shop after a doctor’s appointment and was super excited to see they have Traveler’s notebooks!! I picked up a passport size perf-ed one and two other goodies. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow (sometime soon!)! 😀

pencil sharpener, electric

Here are a few pics of my electric (3-prong US outlet) electric pencil sharpener. It has a metal case so it’s a prime spot for random magnets. I got this from my father. He came home one day when I was a young teen with it and an equally heavy duty metal-housed wall-plugged electric eraser (yes, awesome, to be featured at another time). A friend tweeted about her father bringing one home that ate pencils and so coloured her view of them since. It probably had no “auto-stop” as this one claims to have. It doesn’t exactly “stop” it just makes a different whirring noise and no longer “eats” the pencil.

I have no idea how old this is (at least 20 years, quite a few more judging from the seventies faux bois case) or if it’s still being made. All I know is it’s brilliant, and the only thing that won’t murder Prismacolor pencils. I should probably look up more info on it. I’ll add more when I find it. (I’m finally on to the sleep-all-the-hours point in my case of mono. I just happened to be awake and the tweet inspired me and my new twitter client wouldn’t post the pics to a service, so I figured I’d just put them here.)